A Glimpse of Humanity

Humanity Art Exhibition

Humanity Art Exhibition is a  fundraising event, committed to raise awareness of the ever-present humanitarian crisis happening around the world, through the unique artistic artworks made from the hands of local Balinese artists.

Held on the 17, 18, 19 of August 2017 in ARMA, a museum where it shows a deep love for Balinese culture, exquisite Balinese garden and exclusive traditional style of resort, where arts, culture, architecture and sophisticated lifestyle blends together. It is one of the most famous and extraordinary museum in Bali.

Guests are invited to experience a rare opportunity of exploring arts with the local Balinese, in an exhibition where approximately 40 artworks such as, paintings, sketches, photographs, and crafts will be showcased, art Workshop will be lead by the artists themselves, where everyone can take part in producing a beautiful piece of artwork mentored by real Balinese artists. As well as traditional Balinese dance which will be performed by the kids of Bali Street Kids, short documentary presenting the current state the world is going through and hope in mankind to continue help and do great things which might have a positive impact on the society and mini talk show about humanity issues held throughout the event. But it is not only fundraising, we are also open to receive any unused property from guests that can be donated to one of these organization.

Through the art exhibition, our team hopes to be able to raise funds through the sell of artworks and donations from our guests. The money will then be transferred to Bali Street Kids and Peduli Anak.


We are 4 students currently studying in Taman Rama School, and we are concern to the humanitarian issues that are rising at a drastic speed. On highlight, Indonesia Human rights in Indonesia have always been bad, teens forced to marry old people for their life security. Education has actually been improving, but still not much effort is exerted to ensure all kids in Indonesia get the proper education, some lack in the financial department, some lives on inaccessible rural area, they aren’t able to earn enough to feed their family. These are just some of the reason which inspires us to inform others regarding the issues and how to address them. We believe in Humanity through Art, because a painting, a photograph could speak a thousand word.

We want to ensure every single child in Indonesia has their voices heard, in fact they are the significant part of our generation and a little help towards them will help reshape all of our future!



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