Ambassador Program

Greetings from Ubud Float Garden (Bali’s one and only sensory deprivation center).
Won’t you join us?! If you are receiving this invitation its because we believe there is a synergy between what you’re doing and what we’re up to and we’d like to collaborate with you!
Joining our “Ambassador Program” allows for those running
retreats / immersions / workshops / &  businesses in Bali to create added value to
your existing offering(s) while giving your clients a truly unique experience that
they’re sure to appreciate.

“Floating”, in case you’re in the dark (pun intended) is an experience unlike any
other. The experience is short (typically lasts either 1 or 1.5 hours) but
incredibly potent and has the power to radically shift people’s state & facilitate
massive transformation. Essentially, floating represents the “Technology of
Nothingness” because an experience includes entering into an environment which has
been specifically designed with the intention f removing all external stimuli (no
light, no sound, etc.) The result is profound rest, relaxation & re calibration. It’s
something that simply must be experienced to truly be understood.

For more information please check out our website here:

For short video’s explaining the float experience check out:

Choosing to become a “Float Ambassador” means you are eligible to receive the

  • 1Free Float > Floating, as previously stated, is something that really must be
    experienced to be understood. This is your opportunity, as a business owner or
    retreat leader to get to experience the magic of floating first hand.
  • Discounted floats > Discounted float prices for you and/or your customers.
    – referring Option > Great for you and your clients! Clients receive a 10% discount
    off their float. You receive 10% commission for sending them our way. Win-Win-Win!
    – Reseller Option > Purchase a “float package” (minimum 7 floats) under your
    business’ name and receive 20% off for each float. Receive money for adding value to
    your offering and your clients experience!
  • Free floats for you! > For every 5 people you send our way, we will give you a (1)  float credit. While we reccomend you enjoy the float yourself, you’re also allowed togift it to someone else. (500K value per float).
  • Free ad Space > Feel free to use the “Ubud Floats Garden” community board to promote your offering / business. (Many people visit us everyday and are typically looking for ways to deepen their experience while in-town)

Looking forward to working together with you!

In gratitude,
Ubud Float Garden Management Team