Animal Sacrifice in Bali-Hindu’s Rituals

There are many kinds of ceremony in Bali. One of them is called Bhuta Yadnya ceremony. This ceremony is intended to keep nature in balance. At the Bhuta Yadnya ceremony animals are sacrificed in order to make ceremony complete/perfect.
According to Manawa Dharmasastra (Hindu Holy Book), animals that are sacrificed in such ceremonies will be incarnated (reborn) into higher level in the next life. And people who sacrifice those animals also will have higher level in the next life because they help them to get a better life in the next, said the late Ida Pedanda Made Gunung, the High Priest for Balinese Hindu Community. The use of animals is a symbol to decrease our animal’s characters and thus increasing our gods’ characters. Most animals that are sacrificed for ceremony are duck, chicken and pig or piglet. (koming astana/rus)



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