Bali Against Dog Meat Trade

Region government pays more attention about dog meat trade in Badung regency (South of Bali) as it’s disgrace the image of Bali tourism. Health Director of Veterinary affair, Directorate General Husbandry  and Animal health of Ministry of Agriculture Syamsul Maarif says dog meat trade issue is very risky for Indonesian tourism especially in Bali. “This issue have very bad impact for tourism.” Maarif said on Focus Group Discussion in Denpasar as quoted by Bali Post yesterday (5/4).

According to Syamsul Maarif, dog is known as a pet. “Especially for people from 5 continents, dog is a favorite pet in the family. Dog is loved very much so if they know the dog meat is traded here, this will give very bad impact.” he reminds.

Similar comment also given by Head of Farming and Food office Badung care taker, Putu Oka Swadiana: “Dog meat trade issue had been spread in internet. Due to the circular letter of Bali Governor No. 524.3/9811/KKPP/Disnakkeswan dated Kuly 6th. 2017 for Head of Regency and Mayor, dog meat trade issue is hoped not giving bad impact for tourism so that head of regencies and mayor should 4 points. First, collect the data of dog meat trade location. Second, educate people that dog meat is not for consumption especially for tourist from foreign countries. Third, do surveillance of the possibility that dog meat is traded as if not dog meat. And fourth, controlling of dog meat trading as it’s not healthy and it can be disease transmission of zoonosis such as rabbies and other dangerous diseases”. Besides it’s bad for tourism image, we also need input from religious leaders, custom and cultural leaders in Bali as eating dog meat is not in accordance with Bali culture.” Putu Oka added.



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