Bali Vegan Festival 2016

Date: October 7-9, 2016
Place: Paradiso Ubud

Over the last few years the vegan movement has seen a surge in popularity, thanks to a number of high profile converts and documentaries such as Cowspiracy bringing the message to the masses. Celebrities including Leonardo DiCaprio and Ellen DeGeneres, as well as bloggers and wellness ambassadors such as Ella ‘Deliciously Ella’ Woodward and Beverly Lynn ‘The Vegan Chef’ Bennett are helping to encourage this trend towards a plant-based diet.

In Australia, over 10% of the population now identifies as vegetarian or vegan, with countless others taking steps to reduce their meat intake through initiatives such as ‘Meat-free Mondays’. In America the number of vegans has more than doubled in the last three years, with 2.5% of the population following a vegan diet, up from 1% in 2009. The sheer number of Vegan Festivals around the world can attest to these trends, with literally thousands of events taking place each year across the globe and and World Vegan Day being celebrated on November 1st.

The annual Bali Vegan festival is an international event, attracting vegans and vegetarians from all walks of life and helping to fuel and grow this all-important movement. Last year, the inaugural Bali Vegan Festival took place over two glorious days filled with music, yoga, dancing, ethically responsible food, eye-opening lectures and various workshops.

Dedicated to promoting a sustainable and cruelty-free way of life, the festival is entering its second year. The festival unites world-class vegan chefs, yoga teachers, healers, musicians, comedians, environmentalists and vegan lifestyle enthusiasts from all walks of life and all across the globe.

Taking place in Ubud, Bali, between October 7-9, 2016, the festival will be held at Paradiso (Ubud) and at an outdoor venue just south of Ubud.



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