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Ketupat War (Perang Ketupat)

As one of the most long-lasting traditions in Bali, Perang Ketipat is an annual tradition since 1337, celebrated by the people of Adat Kapal Village. The unique “war” is a symbol to give gratitude to the Gods. Also known as Aci Rah Pengangon, Ketipat War divides the people to two sides; once everyone’s ready, they…

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Topeng Dance

Topeng (mask) Dance is a dance-drama where all of the dancers wear a topeng (a type of mask made from wood or paper). Topeng means an object that covers the face. There are 2 types of topeng used in dance performances, one is called topeng bungkulan and the other is called topeng sibakan. Topeng bungkulan…

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