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Balinese and Ayurvedic Massage

‘Yogi need not massage’, as one of my Indian gurus told. Really, correct and regular Yoga practice allows ‘massaging’ your whole body from inside, and you are not dependent on outer help of massager anymore. So, I never ask for massage through all my life, and never recommend people to become ‘patients’. However, I communicate…

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Paint With the Needle

Wayan Sukayasa aka Yande,tatto artist. Kutuh Kaja is a village located approximately 2 km to the Northeast of Puri Ubud. In the 1990s, it was once a rural village where most people work as a traditional painter of Ubud style. At that time, it easy for us to find that there is at least one…

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A Mother and Daughter Story

Dessy is a spa receptionist at Taksu, in central Ubud. It’s a glamorous, but demanding, job in one of Bali’s more upmarket health and wellness spas. She travels to work from her home in Banjar Yeh Tengah, near Payangan, where her mother Manayu runs her own small warung. “I can’t cook at all,” Dessy tells. “I…

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