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Important Telephone Numbers

GIANYAR REGENCY Head of Gianyar Regency: (0361) 943 056 Sanjiwani Hospital: (0361) 943920 PDAM (Water Supply Company): (0361) 944225 / 943233 Red Cross Indonesia: (0361) 8958414 PLN (National Electricity Company): (0361)  947166 Police Sector Gianyar: (0361) 944 510 Police Sector Blahbatuh: (0361) 941165 JEMBRANA REGENCY RSUD Negara (Regency Hospital): (0365) 41006 / 41806 Pemkab Jembrana…

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Bali Respect

Bali Respect We long to preserve what we most love about Bali by encouraging heightened cultural awareness and sensitivity. As visitors here, it is our responsibility to be respectful as we explore the beauty and depth of this ancient island and culture. Let’s contribute to our stay in Bali by abiding by the simple etiquette…

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The Art of Bargaining

The difference of culture, customs and currency exchange makes us have no any idea about the value of a sum of money. What things we can get with US $ 1, for instance, will be vary from one country to another. In a big country like Indonesia, the value of money is different from one…

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