Tumpek Wayang

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Date(s) - 24/02/2018
All Day

Bali Island


Hindu Balinese celebrates this day by making offerings for traditional musical instruments, dance equipment and, particularly, sets of shadow puppets (wayang kulit). In Ubud, for example, family members of Griya Budha Jenggala (in the neighborhood of Tebesaya, in Peliatan), will make offerings for the set of shadow puppets they inherited from an ancestor who had the profession of dalang, or puppeteer.

When shadow puppets are not used for performances, puppeteers keep their puppets stored in a wooden box. However, on this special day, all puppets will be removed from their storage boxes and placed on a platform just as if they are being used for performance of an actual show.  Then prayers will be offered for all shadow puppets. This ceremony is intended to worship the almighty God for blessings granted and to maintain taksu (spiritual power).

Balinese believe that a baby who was born on the day of Tumpek Wayang has more negative characteristics compared with another child. Therefore, such a child needs a special ceremony due to the date of birth.  A shadow puppet performance with a particular story should be done. This show is part of the ceremony to neutralize this negative power.



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