Festival Tepi Sawah

A manifestation of our humanity, art talents and expressions in respect of our mother nature.

Festival Tepi Sawah (free translate: festival at the edge of rice field) is an annual event where various artists will get involve and make collaboration. At the side of the village, the commitee designs “Uma Stage” as a symbolic front ground where the aspiration was born: at Tepi Sawah.

This event was born from combination of passions and ideas of three artists: Nita Aartsen, Anom Darsana and Etha Widiyanto. They had no doubt experienced in their field: Music Education & Performance, Sound Engineering, Event Management, Architecture & Designs. Their intention is to integrate all creative elements of the festival with education and implementation about environment sustainability, either among kids and adults.

In this environmental awareness movement, Festival Tepi Sawah collaborates with
Clean Bali Ser