Gianyar Cancels All Ogoh Ogoh Parade

To anticipate the Corvid spreading, Gianyar government decided to cancel all Ogoh-ogoh parade this year. As many as 1078 Ogoh-ogoh which is already created for the Nyepi’s eve will be keeping for the next year or for such events after the situation free of Corvid menace.

Ogoh-ogoh parade is a tradition of the Bali people for welcoming the Nyepi’s holy day. Ogoh-ogoh is a giant doll made from bamboo, paper, metal, and other materials. Even though sometimes Ogoh-ogoh looks funny, however mostly Ogoh-ogoh has scary-looking. It represents the imaginary creature taken from the folk story/legend and represents the bad spirit.

Regent Gianyar, Agus Mahayastra as quoted from Bali Post states that following up of the Circular Letter from Governor of Bali No 019/PHDI Bali/III/2020, nO 019/MDA-Prop Bali/III/2020 and No 510/Kesra/B.Pem.Kesra about Implementation of Nyepi holy day and Saka New Year 1042 in Bali, at point 5 which is asking of any events with crowd mass should be stop or limited. Even though at that point, the ogoh-ogoh parade is allowed as long as it is done in certain limited areas only but according to Regent Mahayastra, it much more effective if it’s not done at all. If ogoh-ogoh parade was done in certain limited areas only, still it will make a crowd for sure.






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