Looking to Build Your Body and Business?

Looking To Upgrade Your Health & Well-Being? Learn How On Retreat In Ubud, Oct. 28-Nov. 16….

Do you believe it’s possible to experience optimum health, no matter where you are in life? We think so too – in fact, we know it possible for those truly interested. Is that what it takes, learning? Yes, and also a deep desire, curiosity and willingness.

It doesn’t matter where you are on you journey. Perhaps you’re just beginning. Maybe you’ve left your job and old life, and while traveling SE Asia, its come to you – “I want to be more healthy. And I need to learn more.” This retreat is an excellent place to start. Nothing else needed, just you, wanting to be more healthy, and wanting to get your hands and heart in the food, feeling, and future of what’s possible for you – as a result of diving in.

What if you’re someone who’s been on the healthy path for some time? You’ve studied Ayurvedic and Chinese medicine. You’ve taken courses on nutrition and detox, and perhaps even done some cleansing – though your hunger to learn more drives you to dig deeper! Yes! Join us in exploring how you can build your own knowledge base for yourself, and to even teach this work. And business? Indeed – we teach that too – specific to you making money doing what you love!

Whether you’re just starting, or looking to deepen your knowledge in the Holistic Nutrition & Detox world, join us October 28 – November 16, and break down the how, why, and when – it’s a unique approach to food as medicine taught by a naturopath. We take care of your learning emotional to physical, intellectual to spiritual. www.amyrachelle.com



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