Padudusan Ceremony

Padudusan, one of the biggest ceremonies which is held for the new temple or when the old one that have renovation. However, even though there is no new building nor renovation, this ceremony should be held at least once in about 30 years as it is written in Lontar Dewa Tattwa and Lontar Medang Kemulan (Lontar is a type of palm-leaf manuscript). Due to the sociology aspect, the ceremony which is occurs in 30 years can be consider as a transfer of cultural and religious knowledge. Through this ceremony, the new generation learn about duty and responsibility of their culture and beliefs.

Purpose of Padudusan ceremony is to sanctification of the site. Padudusan derived from word dus which mean bath, dyus means water for bath or water for sanctification ceremony and adyus which means bathing. During the ceremony, some of particular arts such as Wayang, Rejang Dewa, Baris Gede and Topeng dance is performed.

There are two levels of padudusan ceremony: padudusan alit and padudusan agung. Padudusan alit is for private temple or for the first level of kahyangan desa temple meanwhile padudusan agung is for kahyangan jagat temple including kahyangan desa or the prime level ceremony.

Video of Padudusan Alit Ceremony at Tengkulak Kelod village recently (the last padudusan ceremony was held 35 years ago):



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