President Decides Large Scale Social Restrictions Option to Overcome Covid-19 Impacts

President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) said that the Government has determined the Corona Virus (Covid-19) as a type of disease and risk factors that cause public health emergencies so that the Government determines the status of public health emergencies. “To overcome the impact of the outbreak, I have decided in a Cabinet Meeting that the option we choose is a large-scale social limitation or PSBB,” explained President Jokowi in a press statement delivered via video conference from the Bogor Presidential Palace, West Java Province, Tuesday (31/3).

In accordance with the law, the President continued, the PSBB was determined by the Minister of Health in coordination with the Chair of the COVID-19 Task Force and regional heads. “The legal basis is Law Number 6 / 2018 regarding Health Quarantine. The government has also issued a Government Regulation (PP) on Large Scale Social Restrictions and the Presidential Decree on the Establishment of a Public Health Emergency to carry out the mandate of the Act, “the President said. With the issuance of this PP, according to the President, everything is clear, the regional heads are asked not to make their own policies that are not coordinated.

“All policies in the regions must comply with regulations, be in the corridor of the Act and the PP and the Presidential Decree. The National Police can also take measurable and law enforcement measures so that the CBDRW can be effective and achieve the objective of preventing the spread of the epidemic, “added the President. Learning experiences from other countries, the President continued, but Indonesia cannot just imitate it, because all countries have their own characteristics, each has its own characteristics.

“Whether it’s the area, population, discipline, geographical conditions, character and culture, the economy of the people, their physical capabilities, and so on. Therefore, we must not be careless in formulating strategies, everything must be calculated, everything must be calculated carefully, “continued the President. The core of Government policy, the President continued, is very clear and unequivocal, that public health is primary. “Therefore, control the spread of Covid-19 and treat exposed patients. Secondly, we prepare a social safety net for the grassroots to remain able to meet basic needs and maintain purchasing power, “he added.

The Head of State also explained that the Government will continue to protect the business world, especially micro, small and medium enterprises (UMKM). “Third, safeguarding the business world, primarily micro, small businesses, medium businesses in order to continue operating and be able to maintain the absorption of their workforce,” he explained.

According to the President, PP and Keppres of PSBB have just been signed and it is hoped that from the signing of the document, it will begin effectively. “Therefore, I hope that the provinces, agencies, and cities are in accordance with the existing Law, please coordinate with the Chairperson of the COVID-19 Task Force so that all of us have the same rules of play, namely the Law, PP and Presidential Decree which I just signed it earlier, “he explained. (UN / EN)

The original article is in Bahasa Indonesia, translated by Google.
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