Sanur International Kite Festival 2017

From August 3rd to Monday 7th. hundreds of kites from 64 countries will fly in the sky of Bali. Besides Bali traditional kites shape such as bebean, pecukan and janggan, there will be another shape / new creation. “This kite festival is part of Sanur Village Festival which combine art, aerodynamic, culture include its philosophy, history and inovated imagination. We will perform (shadow) puppet in the sky in some languages, along with dalang director and wayang women singer with gamelan and spectacaular lighting” said Kadek Dwi Armika, steering committee of Sanur Village Festival 2017. “The theme of this year is relevant to the current issue (in Indonesia) and we hope it will arouse unity and harmony among ethcnics, religious and culutral diversity”.

Ida Bagus Gede, chairman of the Sanur Village Festival committee hopes, this event brings out new idea in developing creation of kites and support creative economy.  Beside support tourism this also will encourage economy growth among local. “Kites can be a souvenir or for collection for tourist, this is challange for kite maker”. Sanur Village Festival will be held on August 9th. – 13th. at Maisonette Grand Bali Beach Sanur.



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