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Tuesday, June 25th. 2019

Special Events:

Bali Arts Festival 2019 (June 15th. – July 13th. 2019)

Today’s Performances, Tuesday, 25th. 2019

Time : 10.00 MIT / Location : Ayodya Stage
Program : Contest on “macecimpedan” – Balinese quiz for Elementary School students

Time : 10.00 MIT / Location : Wantilan Hall
Program : Speech Contest by using Balinese language for Secondary School students

Time : 10.00 MIT / Location : Pasca Sarjana Building ISI – the Indonesian
Institute of Arts Denpasar
Program : Contest on Writing Balinese Characters in Lontar palm leaves, for Secondary School students

Time : 10.00 MIT / Location : Cinema Room , the first floor of Ksirarnawa Hall
Program : Balinese Short Story Contest

Time : 10.00 MIT / Location : Angsoka Stage
Program : Contest on Story Telling using Balinese Language for Elementary School students

Time : 10.00 MIT / Location : Pascasarjana Building the Indonesian Institute of Arts Denpasar
Program : Contest on Poster on Balinese Proverbs

Time : 10.00 MIT / Location : Ratna Kanda Stage
Program : Contest on Reciting Lontar

Time : 10.00 MIT / Location : Candra Metu Building the Indonesian Institute of
Arts Denpasar
Program : Contest on News Reading on Television, using Balinese Language

Time : 19.30 MIT / Location : Ardha Candra Amphitheatre
Program : Parade of Gong Kebyar musics and dances for Children, by the SMP 1 ( Secondary School ) Bangli Arts Community representing Bangli Regency to meet the Children Gong Kebyar Anglocita Suara
Group Arts, Penarungan village, Buleleng subdistrict, representing Buleleng Regency

Location of Werdhi Budaya Denpasar Arts Center here …
For the daily events during Bali Arts Festival, please visit this page …

Religious Ceremony:

Temple Festival “Karya Pedudusan Agung Ngenteg Linggih lan Ngusaba Nini”
at Village Temple (Pura Desa / Puseh) Taman Kaja, Jl. Sriwedari, Ubud. Location Pura Desa Taman Kajahere … The procession of the ceremony begins from February 19th and will goes till June 30th.

Today’s procession :
Rsi Bujana begins at 2 PM  at Village Temple (Pura Desa / Puseh) Taman Kaja, Jl. Sriwedari, Ubud. Location Pura Desa Taman Kaja here …

Please wear proper Bali attire if you want to visit the temple, either you want to join praying or just for visit the ceremony. Using sarong and headdress (udeng) for man and sarong and sash for woman.
If you want to take picture please do it respectfully, do not use flash and do not standing in front of the priest or praying people. Thank you.

About Bali time: We are offering you the approximate starting time in our events sections. But you are in Bali and our time is rubber band time. Some events are on time but village ceremonies may be more variable. Priests are often the one to say when to begin the ceremony. When you see the Balinese waiting… it’s because they are waiting for the priest to show up from other ceremonies. Sometimes an event we list is cancelled. The good news is that this is rare, but we believe your experience will be valuable.

Restaurant / Cafe Events :

  • Movie Screening. 7:30 PM. at BetelNut, Jl. Raya Ubud.
  • Live Music at 8 PM – onward. at Why Not Restaurant, Jl. Bisma 8, Ubud. Tel. +62 361 908 1601
  • Live Music: Salsa, Bachata, Kizomba, 8:30 – 10 PM at The Onion Collective, Jl. Pengosekan, Ubud. Tel. +62 479 22 52
  • Live Music at 7 PM – 10 PM. at Taco & Grill Ubud, Jl. Suweta 7, Ubud.  Mobile: 081 338 733 726
  • Live Music (Latin Band) at 9 PM onward. No Mas. Jl. Monkey Forest, Ubud. Tel. +62 361 9080 800, / 9080 880 / 9080 888
  • Live Music (Pop Acoustic) at 8 PM – 11 PM. at Laughing Buddha Bali, Jl. Monkey Forest Ubud. Tel. +62 361 970 928 / +62 82 145 245 199
  • Live Music at CP Lounge 9 PM – midnight. DJ Peformance: midnight til late. Jl. Monkey Forest 15, Ubud. Tel. +62 361 978954

Workshop – Community Events

  • Morning Yoga. 7:30 AM and 9 AM at Swasti Cottage, Jl. Nyuh Bojog, Nyuh Kuning, Ubud. Tel. +62 361 974 079
  • Ashtanga Mysore. 7 AM. at Usada Bali, Jl. Sugriwa 4, Padang Tegal – Ubud. 3 pm. HP: 0812-4689-1734.
  • Jamu Workshop at  USADA Bali Jl. Sugriwa 4, Padang Tegal, Ubud. Mobile: 0812-4689-1734
    Learn how to make you own delicious Jamu, the ‘Obat’ traditional – the ancient Indonesian medicine – a delicious drink made of many healing ingredients and spices.
    Learn in details every steps : peeling, slicing, grating (pounding), roasting, squeezing, and mixing the ingredients, and bring that knowledge back home.
    The special recipes come from ancient knowledge that has been passed down from generation to generation.
    About Onet & Sofyan
    Onet & Sofyan are the owners of Jamu Sehati in Ubud.
    They started their business in 2014, when Sofyan got sick because of sinus problem. They tried to cure him with modern medicine but it didn’t help at all. She started to heal after drinking a mix of ginger and turmeric, and gradually, the pain (headache, blocked nose and ear) was eased and it didn’t return again until now. The drink also helped him to reduce his allergic reaction to dust and humid condition which basically increase his immune system towards those conditions.
    Since then, Onet and Sofyan introduced Jamu as their lifestyle and are consuming herbal medicine as a daily supplement to prevent sickness or even diseases.
    Onet and Sofyan are re-creating recipes from the heritage of their ancestor and they make them more suitable and easy to consume for this modern day generations.
    Today, they are happy to share their knowledge with everyone and spread the benefits of Jamu drinking with the world! As they use to say “health” is our biggest and precious belongings”.
    More about this event / teacher
  • Asta Kosala Kosali. 7 PM – 8:30 PM at  USADA Bali Jl. Sugriwa 4, Padang Tegal, Ubud. Mobile: 0812-4689-1734
    Usada’s is happy to welcome you to a special event that will feature the ancient Balinese form or type of Feng Shui with Dr Suyoga, Architect who also happen to be a Mangku on Tuesday, June 25th 2019. This ancient vernacular architectural practice has been used for centuries to plan the layouts of Villages, Temples, Homes and much more. Please join us through a presentation and interactive discussion on this fascinating field of knowledge & wisdom. More about this event
  • Batik Class / Workshop at Widya Batik Class, Jl. Sriwedari, Tegallantang. Mobile: 081 797 64154 
  • Future Farmers Market. Starts at 8 AM , local plants, herbs, fruit and vegetables. Location: Joglo, Taman Kuliner, Jl. Raya Sanggingan, Kedewatan Ubud.

Cultural Performances:
Name of Show / Venue / Time / Ticket Price

Special offers from the Restaurants and Cafes:

  • Taco Tuesday at Velvet Mexican Cuisine – Sea Food & Grill, Buy one of our 8 Different Tacos & get 1 FREE Margarita! . Jl. Raya Lungsiakan 64, Ubud. Tel. +62 813 98 625 483. www.velvetbali.com
  • Food Court with local price and free 3D Rooms for photos & Trick Selfie Spot at Alien Cafe/Wase Bali Jl. Raya Mas, Ubud (near Baby Statue, Sakah).
  • Divine Hour 4 – 6 pm at bridges Bali, the most beautiful Wine & Cocktail Bar in Ubud. Jl. Raya Campuhan, Ubud. Tel. +62 361 970 095.
  • Gluten Free Cafe and Deli, Healthy Snack  at Taksu Galeria, Jl. Hanoman 33, Ubud. Tel. +62 361 479 2508.
    Introducing our new multi level Galeria on Jalan Hanoman only a hundred meters from Taksu Spa. Our two level food court offers casual dining, garden fresh salads, house made soups and sandwiches, fresh sushi from our sushi bar and cold pressed juices. Our retail shopping floors feature unique cultural handicrafts from around the Indonesian archipelago including handmade textiles, artisan designer jewelry, carvings, glass and more. For a quick bite and drink visit our “Taksu to Go” outdoor take away kiosk. Map to Taksu Galeria. …


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