VELVET Ubud, A Gift from the Gods

A New, Immersive Experience in Ubud. Over the past few years, Ubud has blossomed into one of the most vibrant culinary hubs in all of Indonesia. You can find it all here — almost. Enter Velvet, Ubud’s premier restaurant and late night cocktail bar where the vibe transcends the bamboo and smoothies to another world entirely. VELVET is dark, sensual and mysterious, sparking with creativity and smoldering passion. Inside you’ll find deep red, plush decor, ceilings adorned with chandeliers, glimmering original art and pulsing after hours music — matched by devilishly good cocktails and fresh, unique food. In other words, VELVET is not your average Ubud hangout. VELVET is your delicious, romantic, slightly naughty secret weapon. Bring a date. Look sharp.

VELVET was dreamed up by Tatjana Stein and Chef Hiram Rios. The duo met here in Bali over 3 years ago, after Tatjana had co-created Lazy Cats Cafe in Ubud and Hiram joined as chef, carefully, creatively shaping Lazy Cats’ menu. Together, the duo’s energy couldn’t be contained — and VELVET is the creation born of their passion. Music, food, art and feeling: it all comes together behind VELVET’s deep red curtains. Tatjana and Hiram created VELVET to be a place where love would lie in the details, where the lights would be low. A place where the feeling would be as potent as the food and drinks.

“The strongest ideas were developed out of our own personal needs and desires,” says Tatjana. “We’ve created VELVET for us. It’s a late night place that you experience with all your senses, where you can relax with a strong drink or some delicious wine, great music and food made from the freshest and finest ingredients possible.

VELVET’s menu fuses Hiram’s Mexican culinary background with the bold flavors of Bali, extending to uniquely delicious fish, meat and vegetarian dishes. No matter your desire, Velvet’s handcrafted cocktails have you covered with everything from the classics done right to innovative creations.

VELVET MORNING cures your Hangover and crush your hunger!
Velvet Morning is a daily concept and offers BRUNCH They recently introduced a Hangover Brunch Menu, which has a lot of seafood options like a hot seafood pot or ceviche but also hearty dishes like drowned chicken tacos, steak tartar and the best hangover cure – micheladas.

VELVET open their doors at 9am til 5pm for Brunch. After that VELVET open for Dinner from 5pm til midnight.

VELVET Ubud. Jl. Raya Lungsiakan 64, UBUD
Mobile: +62 813 986 254 83 Email:
Open 9 a.m. – 12 p.m. Tuesday – Sunday (Monday closed)