160 Ogoh-ogoh Enliven Kesanga Festival 2024

The sekaa teruna (group of young people) in Denpasar City, is making 160 ogoh-ogoh to welcome the Holy Day of Nyepi in the Caka Year 1946 as well as preparing to enliven the 2024 Kesanga Festival (Kesanga Fest).

Deputy Mayor of Denpasar I Kadek Agus Arya Wibawa in Denpasar, Saturday (10/2), said that making ogoh-ogoh is also a place for creativity competition between young people in Denpasar City. “This year the Kesanga Fest event will be held again to provide space and creativity for young people,” as quoted by Media Bali.

Kesanga Fest takes place from 1-3 March 2024 at the Puputan Badung Field which is enlivened by 12 of the best ogoh-ogoh from four sub-districts in Denpasar, a mini ogoh-ogoh competition, an ogoh-ogoh sketch competition, and a Baleganjur competition.

“The handover of BKK (Special Financial Assistance) IDR 10 million to each sekaa teruna is a whip to continue working in three-dimensional art, namely ogoh-ogoh,” said Arya Wibawa.

In the future, the Denpasar City Government will continue to provide space for creativity in making ogoh-ogoh as well as provide increased support to young people in the area.

He advised all young people during the Nyepi Holy Day of the Caka Year 1946 to help maintain security and order.

“Let’s maintain brotherhood, maintain security and order in ogoh-ogoh and Kesanga Fest activities,” he said.

Head of the Denpasar City Culture Service, Raka Purwantara, said that this year’s Kesanga Fest was not much different from previous years.

“The competition assessment at the sub-district level will take place from February 17-18 and will determine the three best ogoh-ogoh in each sub-district,” he said.

The first place winner in the sub-district gets a cash prize of IDR 30 million, second place IDR 25 million, and third place IDR 20 million.

The three best ogoh-ogoh in each sub-district were included in a parade in the Catur Muka area of Denpasar at the Kesanga Fest, and was enlivened by a mini ogoh-ogoh competition, an ogoh-ogoh sketch competition, and a baleganjur working competition.

photo of Ogoh-ogoh on Nyepi Holy Day.



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