Bali is Going to “New Normal”

Head of Bali Tourism Office, Putu  Astawa says the government is in the process of setting up the health procedures for all destinations in the “new normal” era. Preparation of the new normal interactions such as using masker and physical distancing due to the health procedure for hotels, restaurants, tourist destinations, and all related public space points. We should know these standard procedures so we can protect each other, said Putu Astawa as quoted from Antara (Indonesia News Agency) on Monday (18/5).

Understanding and know how to take care of health is needed when all these procedures are applied. The key is Cleanliness, Health, and Safety (CHS). At the moment, we focus on the handling of Covid-19 until we are sure that the case is flat or decreasing. So the opening of tourism depends on the situation of the Covid-19 pandemic. Even though now we are preparing for the Standard Operational Procedure in the new normal era at the tourist destinations.


Putu Astawa says in the future if the Covid-19 pandemic is declared end and safe, he prepares 3 strategies. First, in the emergency response period, is the mitigation time which is the prevention of case transmission and treatment of patients. Second, the recovery time, after the Covid-19 declares clear and safe, tourism packages are open. The third, normalization with the promotions and festivals.

Meanwhile, according to the Central Bureau of Statistics of Bali Province, the lowest in 10 years of tourism in Bali in March 2020 is 156.876 visits. It decreases 56,89% comparing with the previous month (February) which got 363.937 visits, says Adi Nugroho, Head of BPS Bali. Most of the tourists coming to Bali through the airport 155.851 visits (99,35%) and the rest coming through the harbor 1.025 visits (0,65%).

Foreigners who come to Bali on March 2020 mostly from Australia 23,83%, and the others are from Rusia 7,07%, England 6,77%, Japan 5,38%, USA 5,24%, India 4,81%, Germany 4,68%, France 3,60%, Malaysia 3,58% and Singapore 2,69%. From ten countries with the most foreign tourists, all decreased (comparing to February 2020). The most decline was recorded for tourists from India 74.87%, followed by tourists from Japan 62.68% and France which fell 58.26%.




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