Bali News Today (Saturday, 11th.)

Some local news from Bali today, April 11th. 2020 as compiled from NusaBali, one of the biggest printed newspapers on the island.

“Tens of thousands of workers have been laid off” uses bigger fonts than other headlines. Because of Covid-19 impact, at least 34.716 formal workers had been laid off (unpaid leave). The latest data of unpaid leave per regency as follows: Badung (16.567 workers), Gianyar (8.204), Denpasar (5.820), Karangasem (1.359), Buleleng (1.177), Klungkung (682), Tabanan (486), Bangli (381), Jembrana (58). Ida Bagus Ngurah Arda, Head of Labor Office Bali, says, they are making the data of those who lost their job. This data is needed as it will be used for a proposal to the central government to get an incentive for workers who lost their job because of Covid-19 pandemic. Meanwhile, data of the informal workers according to I Wayan Mardiana, Head of Cooperation -�Small and Medium enterprises is estimated at about 652.000.

Reportage related to Covid-19 in Bali as follow: total patient positive are 75 cases. There is local transmission in 4 regencies/city. Governor Koster is preparing the policy for informal workers, traditional business, cooperation and small-middle enterprises, and tourism. He focuses on acceleration in the handling and prevention of Covid-19 spreading.

Bali House of Representative recommends that each customary village uses Rp 100 million from total Rp 300 million village fund from the government to handling countermeasures Covid-19 include providing food/essential supply at their territory.

Another interesting news is about migrant workers. As many as 434 migrant workers who just arrive (10/4)�immediately underwent examination and all declared healthy but must do self-quarantine at home.

From Denpasar City, Ida Bagus Rai Dharmawijaya the Major orders the water company not charging the bill for May, June and July 2020. This policy is special for low-class consumers.

The police enforce to close a small restaurant in Jimbaran since they are still open after 9 pm. Meanwhile, in Amed� Karangasem, a tourist gets busted for doing snorkeling. The police reprimands him as the beach is closed for any tourist activities.




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