Bali, Top 10 Provinces with the Highest Accidents

Jasa Raharja Bali (government insurance company for traffic accidents) collaborates with the Bali Province Traditional Village Council (MDA) to reduce traffic accident cases amidst Bali’s position in the top 10 provinces in Indonesia with the highest number of accident cases.

“We hope that MDA Bali can work together with us to encourage the public regarding traffic awareness,” said Jasa Raharja Operational Director Dewi Aryani Suzana in Denpasar, Friday (16/2) as quoted from antara news.

The total compensation paid by Jasa Raharja for traffic accident victims in Bali Province in 2023 reachs IDR 71.4 billion.

“A total payment for the heirs of 480 victims who died, and compensation for medical costs for 3,722 traffic accident victims who were injured,” she said.

Compensation for each death victim is IDR 50 million, while injured victims receive guarantees for medical costs of up to IDR 20 million.

Dewi Aryani said “We concern impact of traffic accidents because the majority of victims are of productive age and are the backbone of the family,” Therefore, she hopes to increase the awareness and discipline of the Balinese people in traffic.

“Role of traditional institutions is very important in building public awareness because customs have a huge influence on society. Public must understand how traffic discipline is very important,” she said.

Chairman of the MDA for Bali Province, Ida Pangelingsir Agung Putra Sukahet, welcomed the joint agreement because MDA was considered important by Jasa Raharja to help build public awareness of traffic.

“Traditional Village Councils and traditional villages can be the main ‘stakeholders’ in preventing traffic accidents,” he said.

He said Bali should be a role model in Indonesia, not only in terms of harmony and peace, but also in reducing cases of traffic accidents.

“We have to be serious, especially parents, traditional village leaders (traditional leaders), and others, then we can foster discipline and reduce traffic accidents. We are happy and excited to welcome this collaboration,” he said.

photo by antara news



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