Be Ready for Territorial Quarantine

Mahfud MD, Coordinating Minister for Political, Legal, and Security Affairs says the government is considering to make Government Regulations of Territorial Quarantine (PP Karantina Kewilayahan) since some regions had already make restriction policy movement of people and goods and call it with “lockdown” as quoted from

Actually, it is so different. That’s why the government is considering making the Government Regulation so the regional government does not make it by themselves, Mahfud explains Regional Quarantine is not the same as a lockdown. Regional Quarantine is a
different term that already exists in the Law No 6 / 2018 about Health Quarantine.

The government had been thinking about limitations or wider territorial quarantine to prevent COvid-19 spreads to many regions in Indonesia.

Mahfud MD admits, in fact, the government had been done quarantine in some areas to prevent Covid-19 spreading but the quarantine is limited and for such particular activity restriction only, such as people are not allowed to traveling in Jakarta, work at the office but limited.

Although the quarantine is not similar to lockdown (in some countries), we are setting up the procedures and its limitations and requisite. Supermarkets, pharmacy, and shops that sell essential needs still open, trucks carrying basic necessities operate as usual. The full lockdown was indeed not might be done in Indonesia due to how vast and complex the boundaries of territory in each province.

According to Mahfud, there are people who equate these two terms. He explains the term quarantine is already noted in Regulation Number 6 / 2018 about Health Quarantine which is a limitation of people’s movement for health needs in society. Territory Quarantine is actually like physical distancing or social distancing.

Territory quarantine is determined by the central government, regulated by PP (Government Regulation). The Government Regulation was already in Coordinating Ministry of Human Development and Culture and it needs further discussion, it could be released next week. But for sure there is no lockdown but rather “regional quarantine,” he said.

feature image: Mahfud MD speaking at the press conference broadcasted by Kompas TV



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