“Do you still often short of breath?”  My mother wrote me.  Bronchial problem attach with me because I was a passive smoker on my childhood. This problem didn’t bother me when I lived in Seminyak. Maybe, because beach air good for lungs and I was often spent time on the beach.  After a month I stay back in Ubud, the problem slowly starts. It’s probably because of humidity and bad air ventilation. I feel need to have a treatment for this. I am not living near the beach anymore; therefor I must to find a way. Suddenly I remember when I had dinner at Batubara Restaurant in Pengosekan, a park my bike in front of a money changer. There I read a sign board written “SALT THERAPY”. It recommended for people suffering from respiratory and skin condition. Name of the place is Bali Better Breathing ‘n’ skin. Out of curiosity I went there to get some information.

At Bali Better Breathing they have 2 rooms for dry salt aerosol inhalations. Each room has 10 cozy seats, floor covererd with salt and there also Himalayan salt lamps. How it’s works?  You sit on the relaxing chair, listen to relaxation music for 45 minutes while gradually very thin particle of pharmaceutical salt sprayed in the room via a special machine called a Halogenerator. I decided to take 5 sessions to see the affectivity of this Salt room therapy/ Halotherapy.

What I feel after this therapy? On first day, after the therapy I feel pain all over my sinus and nasal. I often have mucus every morning but on the morning I had only little bit and the next day it’s completely gone. After the second therapy I was surprised that I already felt tired and sleepy at 9.30 pm. Because lately I couldn’t sleep until 2 am.Sometimes I feel the air so far from me, even though I take a deep breath I feel that I still can’t reach it. But after this therapy I can take nice fresh Ubud’s air in the morning as much as I can. I also feel more fit and energetic.

Beside the information from Bali Better Breathing, I also collect some information from browsing in internet about what is Salt Therapy or Halotherapy, its benefits, side effects and forms. Salt being anti-inflammatory aids in reducing the inflammation of the respiratory system and also enhances our immune system. Being a natural alternative therapy, Salt therapy or Halotherapy is safe, non-invasive and is also very much relaxing. This therapy is used in medical field and also in the spa industry all over the world (source:

Halotherapyis also good for children’s health. In my childhood I always surround by adults smoking cigarettes. Actually, I have respiration problem since I was very young. Only when I was a young adult I seriously felt the problem. Had 2 months of dry cough, headache and felt weak in the evening. The doctor told me because I have this condition since I was very young; the disturbance became a part of my life. I misunderstood hay fever as cold and headache because stayed in the sun too much. This condition stay with me permanently and I must watch what I eat, stay away from pollution and dust. Humidity and cold weather also aren’t good for me, even though I love snow and winter. My advice is; it’s a good idea if children have this therapy also.

For further information you can contact Bali Better Breathing on +62 812 395 10300/ (0361) 9080810



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