Electricity Off for Maintenance

In order to strengthening the electricity system in Bali, PLN (State Electricity Company) maintain the power plant regularly and gradually. At the moment, they are maintaining 3 units power plants in PLTU (steampowered electric generator) in Celukan Bawang until January 4th. 2019. This could be the reason why electric power is off for few hours in some areas recently.

“This maintenance will affect the electricity supply in the Bali region. “We request the cooperation of the entire community to reduce electricity consumption by 10 to 20 percent, especially during the peak hours (18.00-22.00 local time). Reducing electricity consumption can be done by turning on the lights sufficiently, turning off unused electrical appliances, using large power electronics (irons, washing machines, rice cookers, hairdryers and microwaves) in the morning only.” said the Senior Manager of Commerce and Customer Service of the PLN Distribution Unit of Bali, Handoko as quoted from Balipost.

feature image: Metrobali.com




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