Free Covid-19 Corridor for Bali Tourism

The Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy, Sandiaga Uno (Sandi) comes to Bali for few days. A number of agendas will be carried out while working in Bali. One of them is to hear first-hand the situation and complaints from tourism entrepreneurs. From his observations, a number of beach areas and shops look empty of
visitors whereas before the Covid-19 pandemic the area was always crowded with tourists.

Sandi has prepared 3 short-term steps to revive Bali tourism and the creative economy which has been hit by the Covid-19 pandemic. The first step, he continues to encourage and be more active in pursuing a soft loan assistance program of IDR 9.9 trillion as of the locomotive of tourism and creative economy in Bali. This program can provide fresh blood as for now the “cash is king” said Sandi. According to him, as quoted from NusaBali News, tourism as the locomotive of the Balinese economy has practically stopped. How can we turn on this economic-engine so this locomotive keeps running, he explained.

Sandi will push this within the framework of the National Economic / Recovery Program (PEN). I am afraid this locomotive (tourism) will be permanently damaged If no aid, said Sandi while mentioning that IDR 9.9 t of funds were used to maintain the locomotive so that it could be prepared for its revival. Early in 2021, his party had met with Minister of Finance Sri Mulyani regarding IDR 9.9 trillion funds. And after returning from Bali later, his party will meet with the Coordinating Minister for the Economy Airlangga Hartarto as well.

The second step is the Covid-19 affirmation. In this case, Bali is expected to receive special attention in terms of the Covid-19 vaccine. Referring to the economic condition of Bali which reached minus 12.28 percent in the third quarter of 2020. Now Bali is a child in a poor condition. Bali, which has been supporting 55 percent of Indonesia’s tourism and creative economy, should receive special attention about vaccines.

The third step is the Free Covid-19 Corridor (FCC). According to Sandi, the plan is that those who have received the Covid-19 vaccine in their home country will be allowed to enter Bali. And when they arrive in Bali, they just do an antigen rapid test so after that they are free to do tourism activities in Bali because they were already free of Covid-19. If getting support from all parties, this program will be pushed by Sandi as a pilot project.

Sandi said he is ready to depend so that this program can be realized because it has been awaited by tourism and creative economy entrepreneurs. This is important to provide jobs for Bali people.

Bali Deputy Governor Cok Ace also supports this Free Covid-19 Corridor program. Hopefully, this will become a motivation to revive Bali’s economy and tourism. According to Cok Ace, if it is not prepared from now, Bali tourism will be left behind as soon as the start flag (of tourism) is open. Bali tourism position could be overtaken by other countries. If we ignore it, it could be too late. Cok Ace really hopes that the 9.9 trillion soft loans can be paid off soon,
if possible this January 2021.



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