Galungan is one of the biggest holy day in Bali. Galungan occurs every 210 days. It’s victory celebration of dharma (goodness) against adharma (evil).  Galungan brings people closer to God in order to reach harmony of the inner self and the outer world. During Galungan celebration, we can see penjor (long tall decorated bamboo pole) in every house. In the morning on Galungan day, people will go to the village temples for praying. Besides go to the village’s temples, married women will also go home to their parents’ house for praying in their family temple.

Children will be very enthusiastic on the occasion of Galungan day. The school is off for couple days. A few days before, their parents will buy them new clothes. There will be delicious meal at home. Parents will give them extra money. One day after galungan–we called it manis Galungan— their parents will take them go for “mlali” (go for recreation). Some family will go to the main recreation places; meanwhile the other maybe just go to some places like department store, supermarket and so on. Galungan is such a big day, especially for kids.

We hope you can feel the spirit of kids’ enthusiasm and fill in your heart to get the best happiness experience when you are in Bali.



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