Georgian Prince Visits Ubud

Princess Kristine with Gung Yudi’s family, the son of Agung Rai

Arma Museum,  one of Ubud icons, received a visit from Georgian Prince: Juan Bagration Mukharani and his wife Princess Kristine on August 14th. 2018. Intrigued by Obama’s walk during his visited into Bali, Prince Juan visit one of outstanding museums in Indonesia: Agung Rai Museum of Art in Ubud. Accompany by Agung Rai, founder of Arma Museum, Prince Juan and Princess Kristine got around to watch great collection of ARMA Museum. And at some spots, they took longer time as some of the paintings attracted them more.

Paul Amron, social field consultant of Arma Museum, said Arma Museum is very glad to be the host for Royal Family of Georgia. “We are very happy to inform them about our foundation activities especially about local children who learn about their culture.” he added.

Ubud is the last destinations of Royal Family of Georgia for their 11 days holiday in Indonesia. They also had visited Jakarta and Manado. Even though the visits is very short—only 11 days, they are very happy had chance to visit Bali as Bali now is leading destinations for honeymooners.

“This visit gives good impact for Bali tourism as Bali had been known and going to become top destination in Georgia.  Relation of the tourism will be good for Bali and Georgia as well. This visit will make people more interested to visit each others.” said Agatha Suparyanti, the person in charge of Prince Juan and Princess Kristine’s visit.  Tika Svanidze Vancko, founder and president of Tika Tours Georgia who joined in this trip also said similar as Agatha. “We have lots of similarity; beautiful nature, hospitality, tropical weather etc., she added.

Besides watching painting collection of Arma Museum, Prince Juan and Princess Kristine was also entertained by a dancing entitiled “Tat Twam Asi” performed by Mireki Jasmine Okubo, a Turkey-born dancer who lives in Bali for long time.

“I love Bali. It’s very very beautiful place, and have very kind people, such diverse beautiful colors, and the sea. We have wonderful time here. This is our first time to visit Bali, first time in Indonesia. Of course, I’d loved to come back” said Prince Juan about his honeymoon holiday.

Video of Prince and Princess Georgia visits Arma Museum, Ubud, Bali:

Tat Twam Asi Dance performed by Mireki Jasmine Okubo :



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