Gianyar Efforts To Overcome Covid-19

Gianyar Regency gives incentives for medical staff who in charge of handling Covid-19 cases. 30 hotel rooms are ready for medical staff to support accommodation needs during their duty. The government allocated Rp 1.3 billion in cash for additional incentives for specialists doctor (Rp. 15 million), a medical doctor (Rp 7.5 million), nurses (Rp 5 million), cleaning service and ambulance driver (Rp. 2.5 million). These incentives�will be given to them starting on April 1st. 2020 said Agus Mahayastra, the Regent of Gianyar as quoted by Nusa Bali.

Gianyar government also prepares a quarantine place for people under surveillance Covid-19, especially for those with travel history or work abroad or other areas outside of Bali. “We prepare the location for quarantine at UPTD Lab Perkebunan at Bedulu village, Blahbatuh district and get permission by Governor of Bali as the place belongs to the Bali government, Agus Mahayastra explained.

There are 11 rooms available with such facilities as a hotel room: a bathroom, a place for physical exercise, etc. It can be used for family quarantine or for self-quarantine, say Mahayastra.

To prevent Covid-19 spread, Gianyar government had been maximizing disinfectant spraying to the villages. “On Tuesday (31/3) there will be disinfectant spraying on the main road using police and army water canon”,� also the sterilized box will be installed at the market in Gianyar regency. Each market will be installed 20 sterilizing boxes. For masker, APD / Self-protection tool and disinfectant stock are enough for 1 month. Mahayastra says that masker and APD procurement is supported by the entrepreneurs in Gianyar.

100.000 pieces of maskers will arrive in 5 days. We will get 200 sets of APD from the central government and there will be another 200 set APD from the private party so we have enough stock for 1 month, explained Mahayastra.� For the rapid test, the central government will distribute it very soon however we will also procure through the unexpected fund of Gianyar regency, he added.

For information, Gianyar has formed Covid-19 taskforce leads by Gianyar Secretary Made Gede Wisnu Wijaya, and followed by the formation of task forces at each village. All task force is active, their duty is to do surveillance at their village and make coordination with the regency task force or to the nearest health staff.

On Monday tomorrow (30/3) a website and social media for Covid-19 information will be launched. We can see the latest news of Covid-19 cases: number of ODP (people under surveillance), PDP (patient under surveillance), Positive cases, map of Covid-19 spreading at each district, etc. “We are ready for countermeasures Covid-19 at all cost”, said Mahayastra.

About Udayana hospital (in Denpasar) which is prepared for the handling center of Covid-19 patient, Mahayastra said we still prepare the isolation room at Sanjiwani hospital in Gianyar, even we prepare to add 8 rooms more. “We optimized in Gianyar first. At the moment we have 3 and will be added another 8 so we have 11 isolation rooms in total. The budget Rp 300 million is allocated for adding these isolation rooms”, he stated.

feature image: PR of Gianyar



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