Governor Instruction: No Ogoh-ogoh Parade

The number of Covid-19 cases increases in Indonesia. To anticipate the disease, Bali made 3 decisions: close tourist destinations, cancel all events to avoid the mass crowd and cancel ogoh-ogoh parade.

“There are 3 instructions from the Governor. First, instruction for the regent/major in Bali to close all activities or visit to a tourist destination, either it’s managed by local government or it is own by private or by custom village/community” said Head of handling task force of Covid-19 Bali province, Dewa Made Indra during a press conference on Friday (20/3) as quoted by Bali Post.

Dewa Indra adds, Governor of Bali also release circular letter for the community to stop any activities and entertainment with the crowd, include traditional cock-fighting. Law enforcement officer such as police and attorney is requested to do monitoring,
watching and do law enforcement.

The Third, Governer of Bali released Instruction No 267/01-B/HK/2020 about the practice of Nyepi 1942 Caka holi day rituals in Bali. First, a ritual of Melasti/Mekiyis/Tawur Kesanga and Pengerupukan is held by limited executive officer, for maximum of 25 people. They are the priest and ritual helpers. The second one is
no ogoh-ogoh parade at all anywhere.

So, the previous Circular Letter with PHDI Bali (Indonesia Hindu Organisation), MDA Bali (Customary Village Council) and Bali government about limitation of ogoh-ogoh parade will be invalid anymore. For this, Governor of Bali, Wayan Koster invokes to all Bali people to understand, accept and obey the instruction of Bali Governor for our own safety and goodness. As a governor, Koster admits to keep responsibility for the safety of Bali society and obey to the President’s policy which the goal is very precious. “Wish we always in the guard and guided by the holy light of Hyang Widhi Wasa (almighty God), and keep praying that Covid-19 will end soon and Bali economy will recover”. said, Governor Koster.

Tourist destinations which are closed because of Covid-19 are:

Buleleng Regency:
Sekumpul Waterfall, Sawan district.
Krisna Oleh-oleh Temukus village, Banjar district.
Jembong Waterfall, Temukus village, Banjar district.
Selfie Spot Wanagiri village.
Sambangan Waterfall, Sukasada district.

Bangli Regency:
Penglipuran village and Kehen Temple

Badung Regency:
GWK stops all arts performance.
Kecak Performance at Uluwatu temple.

Gianyar Regency:
Suwat Waterfall.
Ubud Palace, access limitation.




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