Imageinaction 3 Nirguna, Photography Exhibition

Imageinaction 3 : Nirguna is a photography exhibition by student of ISI Denpasar (Institute of Indonesia Denpasar) and Forum Komunikasi Mahasiswa Fotografi (Communication Forum of Photography Students) from ISI Jogyakarta, ISI Surakarta, ISI Padang Panjang, Trisakti University, Pasundan University and Politeknik Media Kreatif Jakarta.

Through this exhibition, student of ISI Denpasar Majoring in Photography are trying to make a call for awareness and concern for the environment. Through the thematic exhibition Nirguna, they highlight the problems of environment, especially the waste problem. Each photographer presents their perspective on waste through photography. Hopefully, the audience will pay more attention for the environment issue around them.

Along with the exhibition, installation art also will be presented. There is also performing art about this exhibition theme. There will be worshop Cyanotype by Ida Bagus Candra Yana, Photography Lecture of ISI Denpasar. Phootography Discussion by I Made Bayu Pramana, Photography Lecture of ISI Denpasar, On the Spot Photo Competition and Live Mural.

Agenda : 

Opening Sunday, May 28th. 2017, 18.30 WITA
May 28th. 2017, 15.00 WITA : Live Mural & Model on the Spot Competition.
May 29th. 2017, 15.00 WITA : Workshop Cyanotype
May 29th. 2017, 19.00 WITA : Photo Discussion
May 29th. 2017, 21.00 WITA : Movie Screening
May 30th. 2017,19.00 WITA : Acoustic Live Music
Exhibition goes through June 3rd. 2017. Open for public10.00 – 18.00 WITA

Speaker Profile :

Ida Bagus Candrayana, S.Sn.,M.Sn. is a Photography Lecture at ISI Denpasar. He graduated from magister program in ISI Jogyakarta in 2013. Some of his works was selected for some exhibitions: Indonesia Art Festival, Jakarta. Festival Photography Surabaya, Biennale Seni Rupa Nusantara, Galeri Nasional Indonesia, Jakarta. “Imagenesion”, Bali (2016), Pameran Hibah Penciptaan, Bali (2016), “ISI Denpasar”, Okinawa, Jepang (2016), “Festival Fotografi Surabaya”(2015), “Manusia dan Waktu (2015), “Arte” Indonesian Art Festival (2014), Bali Arts Festival (2014), “Jalan Menuju Media Kreatif 6”, Bali (2014), “FKI 8”, Yogyakarta (2014), “Manusia Waktu”, Yogyakarta (2014), “VIRTUAL TERRITORIES”, Yogyakarta (2013),”Smallseries#2″,Yogyakarta (2013), Work On Paper, Yogyakarta (2012), Farewell, Yogyakarta (2012), Playground, Yogyakarta (2012), PMWE Festival, Thailand (2011), Tapak Telu, Bali (2011), “FKI 7”, Surakarta (2011).Solo exhibitions: “Transformasi” (2011), ”Gerak Tari Baris”, Yogyakarta (2013),

Made Bayu Pramana, S.Sn. M.Sn,born in Denpasar 1984. He is a lecture of Photography ISI Denpasar. Become professional photographer since 2003 he often invited as a speaker in some seminars and photography workshops. He graduated from ISI Denpasar Majoring in Photography in 2007 and Postgraduate from ISI Jogyakarta in 2010. He is now studying Pengkajian Seni at postgaduate ISI Denpasar. Bayu Pratama has studio and creative space “Lingkara” in Denpasar.




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