Immigration: Overstay Fine is Rp 0,- (Free)

After no Free Visa and no Visa on Arrival applicable since March 20th. 2020, hundreds of tourists came to the Immigration office to apply for an emergency stay permit. To�prevent throng at the office, immigration revokes overstay fines for tourists who come to Bali using Free Visa and Visa on Arrival.

Public Relation of Regional Office Ministry of Justice and Human Right Bali, I Putu Surya Dharma said, since Free Visit Visa and Visa on Arrival is revoked,�a long queue has occurred at the Immigration offices: Ngurah Rai, Denpasar, and Singaraja office. The tourist wants to apply for emergency stay permits.� We anticipate preventing the crowd by released Circular Letter No IMI-GR.01.01-2114 year 2020 about limitation of immigration service to prevent Covid-19 spread. The Circular letter is to limit immigration service at the office, so tourists cannot do an extension or apply for an emergency stay permit. Surya Dharma hopes the tourists don’t apply for extension anymore since there is a policy to free overstay fines due to article 5 paragraph 6 b Government Regulation No 28 – 2019 about�types and rates of non-tax state revenue at Ministry of Justice and Human Right. “Foreigner will be charged Rp 0,- for those who come after February 5th. All overstay fines are free”, Surya Dharma said as quoted from Nusa Bali Newspaper.

Besides that, the immigration office doesn’t serve passport requests. However, if there is someone who applies, we prioritize an emergency need for a passport request, it will be served through the helpdesk number which is provided by the immigration office. Especially for urgent and sick people which cannot be delayed with a letter from the doctor/hospital, we will release a passport for them otherwise we don’t give a service” Surya Dharma explains.

The limitation of immigration service is to minimize the spreading of Covid-19, Surya Dharma added.



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