Italian Foreigners Sent to Immigration Detention Center

The immigration officer is still conducting an in-depth examination of the Italian foreigner named Albani Roberto, 60, who has been living vagabonds in the Kuta area for the past year. The examination was hampered because Roberto’s immigration documents were missing. Head of immigration information section I Putu Suhendra explained as quoted from Nusa Bali that Albani Roberto was arrested by the Civil Service Police of Badung Regency when he was stranded in the Legian area on Thursday afternoon.

Examination of the foreigner was a bit constrained because no immigration documents owned by Roberto so immigration has to checks on the crossing data of foreigners. This is also exacerbated because Roberto is not cooperative when asked for information. “If there are complete data or documents, we will quickly know when he enters (Bali), then when he started living stranded. This is absolutely zero immigration documents. That’s why we need to first check at the crossing of the foreigner, he said.” We are still in contact with the embassy. to reissue the passport of the foreigner, “added Putu Suhendra.

The foreigner is suspected of violating Article 32 paragraph 1 of Regional Regulation (Perda) Number 7 of 2016 concerning peace and public order. In terms of immigration, the foreigner has also abused a residence permit that has expired one year ago.

The detention of Roberto is intended to make it easier if deportation is carried out in the future. “We will detain him at the Rudenim. He got busted by Satpol PP (civil police) for straying and begging. That’s why he will be deported. We just waiting for the results of our examination,” added Suhendra.

As reported previously, an Italian foreigner was arrested by Satpol PP of Badung regency from a closed shop on Jalan Benesari, Legian, Kuta. The foreigner was secured because he lives vagabond and begging in Legian area and made discomforts in the society. He also did not have a definite place to live. After being questioned by the Immigration Office, Albani Roberto admitted that he was stranded in Bali because he ran out of money. In addition, he could not return to his country because he lost his passport.

photo: IST



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