Kapal Village Banned Dog Meat

Many customary villages is starting to banned dog meat. Following Krobokan village in North Kuta, which is banned dog meat trade and consume dog meat as well, Kapal customary village in Mengwi district release similar banned about dog meat consumption. This banned is noted in Surat Edaran No. 81/DAK/XI/2018 dated November 28th. 2018. Signed by Head of Kapal customary village, I Ketut Sudarsana.

Sudarsana confirmed that he released this “Surat Edaran” (circular letter) based on deliberation from Badung regency. Resident in Kapal village is prohibited to� trade and consume dog meat. Kapal village released this regulation based on (1) The regulation of Indonesia UU Nomor 18/2009 jo UU No. 41/2014� about�animal husbandry and animal health. (2) UU No. 18/2012 about food. (3) Government Regulation No. 95/2012 about�veterinary public health and animal welfare, (4) Government Regulation No.� 47/2014 about�prevention and control of animal diseases, (5) President Regulation No. 48/2013 about�animal cultivation, (6) Government Regulation No 82 /2000 about�animal quarantine, (7) Circular Letter of Directorate General�livestock and health No. 9874/SE/pk 420/F/09/2018 about�supervision of the circulation / trade of dog meat, (8) Bali Regulation No 15/2009 about�rabies prevention and (9) circular Letter of Governur No. 524.3/9811/KKPP/Disnakkeswan about�the issue of dog meat trade in Bali.

This regulation also refers to recommendation from Focus Group Discussion of Dog Meat Trade which is held on April 5th.2018 in Badung regency. And due to the Hindu teachings as mentioned in Prasasti Panca Dresta book, dog is a pet animal and it can feel the “sign” from nature. Besides that as written in lontar Putru Saji, dog (meat) is one of the animals which is not allowed to be offered in the ceremony, so it is not to be consumed. “We order the community not to do activity related to the dog meat trade” state Sudarsana as quoted by NusaBali.

The Badung Regency Culture office accept positively for what done by some customary villages in Badung regency which is banned dog meat and hope that this (making) regulation followed by more village.� “We encourage customary village to make regulation about dog meat, more over Bali province has regulation about this” said IB Anom Bhasma, head of Badung Culture Office. “Customary villages in Badung regency can applied this regulation in perarem so will be obey by the community.� Perarem is more powerful as there is customary sanctions for those who disobey the rule.” he added.



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