Made Nayuh, Fisherman from Jungut Batu Lembongan

Lembongan 1980s. The cool air of the night made Made Nayuh sleep well in her simple house. As everywhere in his village at that time, the wall of the house made from the clay and the roof made from the coconut leaves tree. Suddenly, his sleeping was interupted by the sound from the outside of his houses door. Someone from his island woke him up, asked his help to bring them to the Sanur bay. One of the guys family who knocked Nayuhs door was ill and they want to bring her to the hospital in the mainland: Bali island.

Even though the distance from Lembongan to Sanur bay only about 10 km, however it sometimes took many hours to get there since the only transportation avaialable at that time just the jukung (traditional sailboat of Bali). No machine attached on the jukung, so it really depends on the winds blow and the hand scull. If the wind blows to the right direction, it only take few hours but if not it may need all night long to make it!

Thats a story of live of Made Nayuh, 53 years old, father of 4 children. He was a traditional fisherman from Jungut Batu village. His eyes gazing far away, looking back on the past, when his home island wasnt developed yet as one of the favorite destinations in Bali. Besides dropping sick people, Made Nayuh also sometimes bring women�who want�to giving birth to the Bali mainland since there is not enough facilities in his island of Lembongan. He did this job not just for money but he likes if he can help people. He often gave back the money from ill people he helped and tell them to buy some medicine from that money.

Lembongan was a quiet remote island. Not so many people visited the island since transportion was not as easy as today. Covered by wild trees, as a jungle in the middle of the sea, white sand stretches as far as the eye can see. Communitys life comes from the sea: salt maker, fisherman, and sea weed farming. Since 1982s, foreign visitors began coming to Lembongan island. They came by traditional boatsail from Sanur beach. Even though, according to Made Nayuh memories, he remember that foreigner started visit lembongan in 1970.

As Lembongan was not a tourism island, it had neither accomodation nor other support for tourism. No choices, foreigner visitors had to spend their night at the beach. Due to the natural characteristic of Balinese people, they try to be a good host, so some of them who has bed room in their house even though the room is very simple, will offer the room they have. This is not just for money, because they didnt charge the room with certain amount of money. They let their guess pay as much as they want, and sometime if the guess has not so much money, they will let it for free.
In 1985, Made Nayuh was started using machine for his sailboat. It helps him saving his time and manpower, so he can reach Sanur bay from Lembongan in about 2 hours only. Besides doing regular job as fisherman, he also sometime bring the visitors to the best spot for snorkeling, diving and surfing around Lembongan. By interaction with his guests later lots of them became friends with him, Made Nayuh got an idea to�create�a transport business for surfer lovers! He then bought a bigger sailboat and started a package for one week trip to Lombok and Sumbawa, bring his guests to the best spot for surfing around these islands. He manage this business for 12 years.

Made Nayuh is one of the local people who grows himself with the development of the tourism in his home island. He inspired other people in his island to follow his success and shares his experience.



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