Ngusaba Kadasa Ulun Danu Batur Temple

Procession nanceb sunari, mapengalang ngingsah, netegang, nyuci, nunas tirta and ngeker dewasa in Ulun Danu temple are some rituals to kick off the temple festival called Ngusaba Kadasa which will fall on March 31st. 2018. “All these rituals is to pray to the Ida Sang Hyang Widhi Wasa asking for Ngusaba Kadasa ceremony and all rituals will going well” say Jro Gede Batur Duwuran from Ulun Danu Batur temple as quoted in Bali Post.

“The Ngusaba Kadasa ceremony will be held till April 15th. 2018. To prepare all the ritual procession, krama (the community) from Desa Pakraman Batur is helped by the communities from bebanuan villages, sekaa teruna�(youth group from the village) and other institutions. There is about 1500 pengayah (volunter) everyday who come to help us for preparing�the ceremony.” Since the ceremony will be long last, we hope Hindu people would like to come for ngayah�(volunteering) as well. And also for those who want to donate, they can bring their donation directly to the Ulun Danu temple. Besides stuff for the ceremony, people may also donate plastic bag for waste or trash bin since there will be much more waste during the ceremony which we must taking care off.”�Jro Gede added.



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