Ogoh-ogoh Parade, the Show Must Go On

Tomorrow, March 25th, 2020 is a special holy�day in Bali. It’s called Nyepi, the first day of Saka calendar. And today in the morning (24/3), Bali people carry out a ceremony called Tawur Kesanga and in the evening, Ogoh-ogoh will be�paraded around the village all over Bali.

Ogoh-ogoh parade is a tradition which is held since 1980an (Buku Panduan Ogoh-ogoh oleh Dinas Kebudayaan Kota Denpasar 2001) as quoted by Tribun News. Other source said that ogoh-ogoh has been known since Dalem balingkang era which is use for Pitra Yadnya ceremony.

However, due to the Covid-19 and to prevent the Coronavirus more widespread, this year, Bali government decide to stop all ogoh-ogoh
parade. Many people are very disappointed government’s decision to cancel all ogoh-ogoh parade, especially those youth people who had prepared their best ogoh-ogoh to be performed on Pengerupukan night (Nyepi’s eve). They had spent lots of money and time to make an ogoh-ogoh.

Wayan Koster, the governor of Bali initiated to hold Ogoh-ogoh Festival, So all ogoh-ogoh had been created will be kept and will be
included in Ogoh-ogoh Festival 2020.

Head of Communication, Informatica and statistics Bali, I Gede Pramana, as quoted by Nusa Bali, said Festival Ogoh Ogoh on The 62nd Anniversary of Bali Province will be held in all villages all over Bali on August 8th. According to Pramana, Governor Koster really appreciated of creativity and innovation of Yowana Bali (Bali youth) who made ogoh-ogoh�for Nyepi 1942. “Moreover, they make ogoh-ogoh using eco-friendly materials, no styrofoam is used. This is consistent with the Bali Governor Regulation No 97/2018 about Limitation of Disposable Plastic Waste”, said
Pramana in Denpasar (23/3).

The Governor’s decision to hold an ogoh-ogoh Festival was taken after hearing inputs from Regents/majors, PHDI Bali (Hindu
organization), and MDA Bali (Custom Village Council). Ogoh-ogoh parade will be held simultaneously at all custom villages in Bali, Saturday, August 8th. 2020 at 4 pm onward.

Ogoh-ogoh parade will accompany by Gamelan, music recording is not allowed. Participants should wear traditional Bali cloth. Prade will be held orderly and responsibly. The jury from the regent/city will define 3 winners. The First winner prize is Rp 50 million and the Second and Third winner will get Rp 35 million and Rp
25 million.

Based on note, there are 4.804 ogoh ogoh in 1493 villages around Bali which is prepared for Nyepi this year. They are spead accross
Bali: Gianyar regency 1078, Tabanan 702, Badung 563, Jembrana 537, Karangasem 532, Denpasar 417, Klungkung 401, Bangli 340, and Buleleng 234.




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