Petitenget Festival 2018

The first Petitenget Festival will present mass “Tari Tenun” as a mascot of the festival. It will be performed by 1957 dancers at Petitenget beach on Sunday, 16th of September 2018. Tari Tenun literally means weaving dance. The number of dancers (1957) who will perform this dance is taken from the year 1957 when this dance was created by late Nyoman Ridet, one of leading artists from Krobokan village. All dancers are teenager girls and women from 50 banjars (smallest community in Bali society system) in Krobokan village. Besides Tari Tenun, another mass activity is mass Yoga Ketawa (Lough Yoga) with 2000 participants. Another important performance is Wayang Wong, a traditional arts of Bali which is on the verge of extinction since 70 years ago.

AA Bagus Bayu Joni Saputra, chairman of executive committee Petitenget Festival said the purpose and objective of Petitenget Festival is to accommodate the community’s desire to have such festival in work plan of Krobokan village.�Petitenget Festival is also to create new brand for Krobokan as we know that Krobokan is well known as location of the prison house. That’s why many investors prefer use Seminyak in their company address instead of Krobokan. We hope through this festival, Krobokan can be heard as one of the best destinations in Bali.

Head of Badung Tourism Office, I Made Badra said government of Badung Regency commits to support any activities for tourism development. Through this kind of festival, tourist visits will increase and it will bring prosperity for the community.� “Let’s build Bali from Badung (regency)”, he added.

Here are the Petitenget Festival Program on Friday 14th. – Sunday 16th. 2018 :

Friday, 14th. of September 2018 Time
1. Make up Course: Face and Hair 10.00-12.00
2. Free Healing: Medical and Spiritual
3. Cooking Seminar 10.00-12.00
4. Making Lawar (local Bali favorite’s food) 15.00-18.00
5. Opening by MC 18.30 – 19.00
6. Fragment of Dance by Kerobokan Kaja village 19.00 – 19.30
7. Live Music by Kerobokan village�Local Band 19.30 – 20.00
8. Fragment of Dance by Kerobokan village 20.00 – 20.30
9. Live Music by Hydrant 20.30 – 21.15
10. Live Music by Joni Agung & Double T 21.15 – 22.15
11. Closing MC, Guest DJ 22.15- 23.00
Saturday, 15th. of September 2018 Time
1. �Final of Jegeg Bagus Yowana Desa
(pageant competition)
2. �Mass Laugh Yoga (Yoga Ketawa Massal) 17.00-19.00
3. Opening by MC 19.00
4. Fragment of Dance by Kerobokan Kelod village. 19.00 – 19.30
5. Live Music: Kerobokan�Local Band 19.30 – 20.00
6. Fragment of Dance by Seminyak village 20.00 – 20.30
7. Live Music by Jun Bintang 20.30 – 21.30
8. Live Music by Band Nasional 21.30 – 22.30
9. Closing MC, DJ Nasional 22.30 – 23.30
Sunday, 16th. of September 2018 Time
1. International Fishing Competition
with traditional boat
2. Mass Tari Tenun 1957 17.00-19.00
3. Closing Ceremony
4. Speech from chairman committee 19.10-19.20
5. Announcement of the winners 19.20-19.50
6. Speech from the head of customary village 19.50-20.00
7. Speech from the Badung Regent 20.00-20.20
8. Charter from Muri (Museum of Indonesia record) 20.20-20.30
9. Comedy show by STI ( Sakaa Topeng Inovatif) 20.30-21.00
10. Live Music by SDI




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