Sound Healing Bali Joins Fundraiser for Water Rights at the Yoga Barn

Text by Shervin Boloorian. Image by Arun

Joining a world movement to tackle water shortages, Yoga Barn instructors teamed up with world renowned musician Michael Franti and Sound Healing Bali to raise 19 million Indonesian Rupiah for Balinese water rights preservation on Jan 1st, 2017. The New Year’s Day community fundraiser was inspired by an activist movement in the US at Standing Rock reservation to protect Native American water rights on tribal land from the unpopular construction of an oil pipeline, which was temporarily halted as a result of the protests.

“Here at The Yoga Barn we are standing with Water Protectors around the world,” said Kadek “Dek” Gunarta, Balinese co-owner of the Yoga Barn, “Water is LIFE and vital to the Balinese culture.”

The local water protection program financed by the fundraiser aims to replenish wells in Bali’s most arid regions where aquifers are depleted or contaminated by salt water.

According to water management watchdogs at IDEP, Bali’s fresh water is 60 percent lower than levels recorded 20 years ago due to rampant tourism and climate change.

At the community fundraiser, Sound Healing Bali honored the Four Directions and presented sacred chants, a sound healing session, and prayer songs from different world indigenous traditions.

Sound Healing Bali also provided background sounds and music for a special Yin Yoga class, and warmed up the stage for renowned recording artist, Michael Franti, who also participated in the fundraiser.

“In viewing the threat to water sources on Native American sovereign land, it has become increasingly clear how very important it is worldwide to take care of this most precious resource, water,” said spokesperson, Janice Snead O’Callaghan, principal Event organizer at Yoga Barn.

Sound Healing Bali had already partnered with Yoga Barn in June 2016 to raise funds for a Bali ReGreen a separate environmental program for reforestation.

For more information or to make your own contribution, visit IDEP at to view a list of community causes supported by Sound Healing Bali, visit


About the writer:

Shervin is founder of Sound Healing Bali and Founder/Director of the Bali Sound Healers Collective. An Iranian-born vocalist who presents sacred songs in multiple languages, he is a sound therapy practitioner and graduate of Fabien Maman’s Tama-Do “Way of the Soul” Academy (Started in 1988). Shervin’s multi-instrumental talents have taken his signature style of “Sound Medicine” to festivals and holistic venues worldwide. Per his specialized energy training with Tama-Do, and shamanic counseling skills from an apprenticeship with Robin Rice, Shervin applies vibrational therapy to unwind minds, soften hearts, and nourish, energize and aid the body in self-recovery. Shervin’s voice on his debut CD, ‘Spirit Night By CandleLight’ is described by bestselling author and spiritualist, Margot Anand, as “Angelic.” , FB: Bali Sound Healers Collective, Instagram: Sound Healing Bali, Music:



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