Tari Tenun Performed by 2000 Dancers

Petitenget beach on Sunday, September 16th. 2018 was a special day for Desa Adat (custom village) Krobokan. 2000 women from 50 banjars (smallest part of Bali society system) of Krobokan village, performed Tari Tenun and break the world record for the most performers of Tari Tenun. Certificate of MURI (Museum of Indonesian Record) is received by AA Putu Sutarja, Chairman of Customary Village Krobokan, who feel very proud and touched by togetherness of the dancers. They work hard to make this come true.� This achievement (MURI record) became history note which give motivation to Krobokan village to preserve the Tari Tenun. We hope Petitenget Festival will continue in the future. He added.

Tari Tenun or Tenun dance was created by the late Nyoman Ridet, one of traditional artists from Banjar Campuhan, Krobokan village. Tenun literally means weaving. Inspired by the movement of the girl who is weaving, Nyoman Ridet composed these movement into the classic traditional Bali dances and created the new dance called Tari Tenun in 1957.

Colossal Tenun Dance with 2000 performers is one of the Petitenget Festival 2018 program. Since Tari Tenun is one of the traditional arts that was created by one of our fellow artists from Krobokan, Tari Tenun is selected as one of the proud programs in the first Petitenget Festival. The first dancer of Tari Tenun, Jero Ketut Parmiani also participated in this show, this make this performance is very special.

The chairman of steering committee, AA Bayu Joni Saputra said the dance was planned to be performed by 1957 dancers due to the year when this dance was created but since lots of� dancers who want to participate, we decide to make it 2000. All participants are women from the Krobokan village.

About some dancers who were get in trance after show, there is nothing to worry about it. It means the gods was present. We already anticipated. We held such particular ceremony for asking god about the event. Trance is a normal occurrence in Bali.

Here is the video of Colossal Tenun Dance :

And the video when trance was occurrence



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