Tawur Labuh Gentuh Ceremony

Tawur Labuh Gentuh, the ritual to neutralize the negative power / negative spirit of butha kala (low level creatures), in order to create harmonization both vertically (human relation to gods) and horizontally (human relation with nature and among other creatures on earth),� was held on March 16th. in Besakih Temple. Its one of the rituals which is held before the main ceremony called Ida Batara Turun Kabeh on March 31st. 2018. The ceremony called Bumi Sudha and Mapepada Tawur Labuh Gentuh was held the day before to pray for the animals that will be used for (sacrificed) for the ceremony. The animals such as small antelope, deer, wild ox of Java, turtle, asu bang bungkem (pale yellow/thick white feather dog with black muzzle), goat, buffalo, chicken, duck and swan are used as holy sacrifice for the ceremony.��Through this ceremony, we pray for Bali nature be still and activity of Mount Agung back to normal Jro Mangku Widiartha, head of ceremony committee says as stated in the Bali Post recently.

Before Tawur Labuh Gentuh, other rituals such Ngaturang Pamiyut, Negtegang, Ngunggahan Sunari and Pangrajeng lan Pangemit Karya, Piuning Mider etc had been held since March 7th. As Batara Turun Kabeh is one of the big ceremonies, it takes few weeks in preparation and Hindu people from Besakih village is helped by other Bali community from other areas so the ceremony had run well”. Jro Mangku added.

Towards the main ceremony which will falls on March 31st. there will be some other ceremonies which will follows such as: Nedunang Ida Batara on March 28th. and Melasti ritual to Tegal Suci on March 29th.2018. And one day before Ida Batara Turun kabeh, Mepepada ritual will be held on March 30th. at 9am in the morning.



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