Temple Festival After 500 Years

It was raining when the ritual memasar lan memendak Ida Batara at Dasar Buana Gelgel in Klungkung was held, however the ceremony must go on. Sacred dances for the ceremony: the mask dance, baris, rejang dewa and rejang renteng is performed to welcoming the present of gods. People doesn’t look tired even though they had just walked 3 km from the Klotok beach for the previous ritual called tawur tabuh gentuh, nangluk merana, ngaturang pakelem and nunas tirta kamandalu.

Thousands of Hindu followers from Gelgel village carried out melasti procession enthusiastically on December 23rd. Since 8 am in the morning, they walked to the Klotok beach ngiring pralingga Ida Batara (bring sacred objects belong to the temple for purification ceremony). This procession was led by the high priests: Ida Pedanda Gede Putra Tembau from Geria Aan, Ida Pedanda Gde Karang Putra Keniten from Geria Satria Kangin and Ida Pedanda Gde Wayan Darma from Geria Wanasari.

Dewa Soma, coordinator of temple festival said that melasti is intended to purify sacred objects belongs to the temple as part of the ritual we have to do through the ceremony called tawur labuh gentuh dan nangluk merana before the main ceremony which will be held on December 31st. 2018. Followed after melasti, the ritual mulang pakelem is done with some animals is presented to the ruler of the ocean. 11 tukik (baby turtle) is release to preserve nature balance yet take the holy water in the high sea.


The other processions before the main ceremony are tawur panca wali krama, penyejeg bumi and pedanan which will be held on December 26th. And on December 3oth. mepepada ritual will take place. This ritual is intended to sanctified the sacrificial animals. And the summit of the ceremony are Karya Pangebek, Pangenteg, Pangodal, and Paselang rituals which will be held at Pura Pusering Jagat, Pura Yasa, Pura Penyucian, Pura Melanting, Bale Agung Kahyangan Jagat Dasar Buana dan Paselang. The ceremony will remain until January 10th. 2019 before the last procession called mesineb which mean the ceremony with all its procession is finish.

This temple festival Karya Mamungkah, Nubung Pedagingan, Ngenteg Linggih, Padudusan Agung Tawur Panca Wali Krama dan Mahayu Jagat Marisudha Bumi at Pura Dasar Buana Gelgel is the biggest ceremony after 500 years. Bendesa Gelgel (leader of the customary village of Gelgel) said according to the record, the similar ceremony was held in 1518. Even though it is incomplete (the record) however there is an archive about this ceremony so after long discussion with all the stake holders we agreed to hold this ceremony in 2018 or on December 31st to be exact.

Video of this ceremony:



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