Temple Festival Karya Agung Danu Kertih

One of the big ceremonies will be held by the community of Desa Pakraman Batur, Kintamani – Bangli. The ceremony Karya Agung Danu Kertih, Tawur Labuh Gentuh, Meras Danu lan Gunung, Bhakti Pakelem ring Segara lan Pucak Gunung Batur, Mapeselang lan Mepedanan is held every 5 years. “Actually it should be held in 2014 but since there are some obstacles so it delays for few years. However finally we are able to make it happen this year”, said Ketut Wijaya, secretary of the ceremony committee as quoted from Bali Post.

“This ceremony is intended to sanctify tetamanan Ida Batari Ulun Danu: the mountain and lake Batur. This is an important ceremony to be held to create the balance of nature. If the upstream is consecrated Bali will get off from nature disaster and  agricultural products will be abundant.” he added.

Meanwhile, Jro Gede Batur, explained that Karya Agung Danu Kertih as mentioned in lontar Kusuma Desa (traditional inscription written on palm leaves) and pratekaning Usana Ciwa Sasana, the ceremony is intended to pray that the water sources in the lake keep streaming.

Approaching of the summit of the ceremony which will be held on Wednesday November 7th. 2018 some of preparation are had been doing since last few weeks. The ceremony involves all the community from 24 banjars (smallest part of the big village) in Desa Dinas Batur, some of Desa Pakraman batun sendi Ida Batara, Koramil and other institution. The committee also welcome people from the community either personal or in a group to ngayah (get involved, and help voluntarily) in the location of the ceremony at Pura Jati and Pura Ulun Danu Batur.

The ceremony was began by ‘nanceb rompok‘ procession on October 3rd. 2018 3 weeks ago. Followed by ‘piuning netegang’ and ‘nunas beras catur’ on October 7th. and ‘netegang, ngingsah, melaspas rompok, nanceb sunari, mepengalang, ngeker dewasa on October 10th. and ‘mekarya sanganan’ on 13th. 2018

On November 2nd. there will be procession of ‘Ida Batara-Batari katuran bhakti pangodal, pangangsuh, lan bhati panganyar’.  followed by melasti at Watu Klotok beach on November 3rd. and ngadegang bagia pula kerti on November 5th.

Melaspas bagia pula kerti, mepepada wewalungan, ngolah wewalungan and bhati memben on November 6th. and the day after on November 7th. summit of the ceremony will be held with the following rituals: tabur labuh gentuh, ngiringang Ida Batara ring paselang, pakelem ring segara danu lan puncak gunung Batur, Ida Batara ring Pura jati lan Ida Batari ring segara katuran bhati ayaban and bhakti pedanan. And the day after on November 8th. is ‘nyepiang karya‘. From November 9th. bhakti panganyar from each regency till November 17th. Pepranian and bhakti patetingkeb procession will closed all the ritual ceremony in this temple festival on November 18th.

Here is the list of all procession of the Karya Agung Danu Kertih:

Date/time : Procession
October 7th. / 7 am : Piuning Netegang, Nunas Beras Catur
October 10th. / 7 am : Netegang, Ngingsah, Melaspas Rompok, Nanceb Sunari, Mekarya Sanganan
November 2nd. / 10 am : Ida Bhatara-Bhatari Katuran Bhakti Pengodal, Pengangsuh Lan Bhakti Penganyar
November 3rd. / 8 am : Melasti at the Watu Klotok beach: Tawur Rsi Gana and Ngaturang Pakelem
November 3rd. / 5 pm : Back from Melasti, Ngelantur Ida Bhatara-Bhatari Katuran Ngadeg/Melinggih Ring Pura Jati
November 5th. / 10 am : Ngadegang Bagia Pula Kerti
November 6th. / 1 pm : Mlaspas Bagia Pula Kerti
November 6th. / 1 pm : Mepepada Wewalungan
November 6th. / 3 pm : Ngolah Wewalungan
November 6th. / 11 pm : Bhakti Memben
November 7th. / 9 am : Summit of the Ceremony; Tawur Labuh Gentuh, Ngiring Ida Bhatara-Bhatari Ring Paselang, Pakelem Ring Segara Danu Lan Pucak Gunung Batur, Ida Bhatara Ring Pura Jati Land Ida Bhatari Ring Segara Katuran Bhati Ayaban, Bhakti Pedanan
November 8th. / 7 am : Nyepiang Karya
November 9th. / 10 am : Bhakti Panganyar from Kota Denpasar
November 10th. / 10 am : Bhakti Panganyar from Badung Regency
November 11th. / 10 am : Bhakti Panganyar from Tabanan Regency
November 12th. / 10 am : Bhakti Panganyar from Jembrana Regency
November 13th. / 10 am : Bhakti Panganyar Buleleng Regency
November 14th. / 10 am : Bhakti Panganyar Gianyar Regency
November 15th. / 10 am : Bhakti Panganyar from Klungkung Regency
November 16th. / 10 am : Bhakti Panganyar from Karangasem Regency
November 17th. / 10 am : Bhakti Panganyar from Bangli Regency
November 18th. / 10 am : Bhakti Panganyar from Desa Pakraman Batur
November 18th. / 2 pm : Bhakti Pepranian, Baris Perang-perangan, Metiti Suara
November 18th. / 5 pm : Bhakti Petetingkes






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