Territorial Quarantine: Bali Awaits Command from Jakarta

Governor of Bali, Wayan Koster had not decided yet about Territorial Quarantine in Bali. It will be implemented if Jakarta (central government) determines. It was confirmed by the Governor in his release to the media on Saturday (28/3) as quoted by Nusa Bali.  According to Koster “local lockdown” had been done in some areas, we waiting for directives and policy from the central government as it corresponds to the president’s directions. However even though we didn’t do total lockdown, we limited resident trips, with an appeal to work from home, study at home (fro student), and restriction to leave the house except for urgent/special needs.

Is there a sanction for people who are gathered? Koster says he already release the appeal letter for such particular religious and customs activities that should not be followed by more than 25 people. Custom village and pecalang (custom village local security) had been ordered to carry out this order.

On March 26th, assisted with the police, people had disciplined not making trips. Until now, not so many people make a trip, Roads is quiet, supermarket and restaurant also quiet. Our appeal seems running well. Thanks to Pangdam (territorial military commander), Kapolda (head of the provincial police) and other parties, especially regents/majors in Bali and all custom village officers who have done a good job so prevention of Covid-19 spreading goes well and effective, Koster said.

About restrictions on the entry for tourists by closing the airport, that step hasn’t been done yet however some countries already closed their airport so it is automatically there is no flight to Indonesia or Bali from those countries. For closing the airport or harbor, we should follow directions and policies from the central government. Closing all access is the central government authority. We didn’t do that because it is not our authority, Governor Koster added.

About the capability of the hospital in Bali to handle the Covid-19 patients, Koster says, at the moment (28/3) accumulatively the number of PDP (patient under surveillance) is 130 people and from that number 87 of them is negative and they are now at home. Patient with Positive Covid-19 is 9 people (4 foreigners and 5 locals). There are another 38 people who is being treated at the Sanglah and other 10 public hospitals all around Bali.

In line with that and listening to the input from the various party, we prepare RS PTN Udayana / Udayana hospital as the center of patient Covid-19 isolation, also as the center of prevention. Udayana hospital will function effectively on April 7th. as at the moment, we are preparing for it. If it is ready, we will stop the other hospital who are treating Covid-19 patient in order the spreading can be localized. Says Koster. About the facility for handling the Covid-19 firstly we got 4.000 units APD (personal protective equipment) aid from the central government, and 3800 units rapid test kit. There will be another aid later. We distributed that equipment through the task force to the referral hospitals that taking care of Covid-19. Governor added. The Ministry of Health had allowed Sanglah hospital to have a Swab test.

About the closing of tourist destinations, Bali province government had sent a letter on 23rd. to all regent and major to close tourist destinations at their territory. Regents and major followed our policy and all of the tourist main objects are now closed.



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