Tilem (Dark Moon) Ceremony

Tilem (dark moon) is a ceremony dedicated for Dewa Surya (the god of sun). Hindu Balinese people praying at the village temple in the afternoon. Tilem is believed as a special day to purify inner self and to eliminate all impurities inside of human being. In general, Tilem ceremony is a regular monthly ritual as Tilem occurs once in a month when the earth position is in between the sun and the moon so we cannot see the moon over the sky. However, some big ceremonies fall in tilem day, such as: Tawur Kesanga on Tilem Kesanga (the ninth tilem of the year), Siwaratri on the seventh tilem of the year, Eka Dasa Rudra, a very big ceremony which occurs every 100 years on tilem Kesanga, and Panca Wali Krama at Besakih temple which is held every 10 years on Tilem Sasih Kesanga.




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