Tourism Levy Voucher to be discussed with Tourism Institution

Head of the Tourism Service, Tjok Bagus Pemayun, confirmed the proposal from the Acting Governor of Bali, S.M. Mahendra Jaya, to provide discount vouchers at tourist destinations for foreign tourists (tourists) who pay the foreign tourist levy or Tourism Levy at a meeting at the Bali Governor’s Office, last Tuesday (6/2).

Tjok Pemayun emphasized that time, mechanisms and further discussions, especially with tourism actors, are needed to make this happen.

“As stated by Acting Bali Governor Mahendra Jaya, this proposal is to stimulate the enthusiasm and interest of foreign tourists in paying the Tourism Levy. However, it still needs to be discussed and finalized further on how best it can be done with tourism institution who manage tourist destinations,” said Pemayun on Saturday (10/2).

According to Mahendra Jaya, this can stimulate the enthusiasm and interest of foreign tourists in paying the Tourism Levy, apart from having a role in efforts to preserve Bali’s culture and nature, they also get direct benefits in the form of discount vouchers at leading destinations in Bali.

“Likewise, tourist destinations that collaborate with Tourism Levy will benefit because they can increase the number of tourist visits to these destinations. He believes that this can be a good symbiotic mutualism between the local government and the Bali tourism industry,” he said.

However, in its implementation, time and further mechanisms are needed between the Bali Provincial Government and the tourism industries in Bali so that this policy can run well and provide benefits for Bali tourism, industry and the Balinese people.

Another important thing is that tourists can pay Tourism Levy without feeling burdened. Mahendra Jaya always emphasizes to socialize the purpose of imposing levies on foreign tourists.

Foto: Tjok Bagus Pemayun, Head of Bali Tourism



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