Tumpek Krulut, an Affection Day

Denpasar city performs some of dances and play�gamelan in Puputan park to celebrate Tumpek Krulut. All gong elements are played to create santha rasa or sense of peaceful which make prosperity both physically and mentally. I.B. Jelantik, a lecture of Udayana University said: On Tumpek Krulut, Balinese Hindu beliefs that god Siwanataraja comes to the earth to dance 36 tatwa�(a Hindu philosophy, a direction on how people should fathom in doing the religion) so for this reason people plays gamelan or gong.

Tumpek Krulut is an affection day. Affection is showed in the beauty of gamelan sound. on Tumpek Krulut day, people worshipping goddess Dewi Semara Ratih with banten sesayut lulut asih (the name of offerings in Bali ceremony), said Ketut Wiana, lecture from Hindu Dharma Institute (IHDN). Similar with this statement is said by IGN Sudiana, a dean from IHDN who explain that Tumpek Krulut derived from the word lulut, which means blend with beauty (sundaram) so that the mind becomes peaceful. We need entertainment art to balance our life.

Balinese Hindu be grateful for creation of holy sounds / tabuh or tetabuhan (plural)�In Bali society, tetabuhan (sounds) is synonymous with gong so among locals, Tumpek Krulut is also known as odalan gong. The ceremony is dedicate to praying for musical instrument in order that the gong keep producing beautiful sound. Some musical instrument which is prayed are gong, gender, angklung, suling, gambang, bajra, selonding, saron etc. said Jero Mangku Danu, a local priest.

Concept of sound is important as it brought forth “Civilization of Sound” as it be known as genta, sunari, pinekan, kulkul and many kinds of gamelan made from brass, iron or bamboo. So Tumpek Krulut ritual is related to the Civilization of Sound, in this case is gamelan or gong. Said IB Agastia, a culture and religion observer.

As mentioned by Ida Pandita Mpu Jaya Acharya Nanda, in the text of Aji Gurnitha, Tumpek Krulut is an auspicious day to make ceremony for gamelan. Titilaras (musical scale) of gamelan Bali are ndang, nding, ndung, ndeng and ndong. These sounds represent of Panca Brahma�: Sang, Bang, Tang, Ang and Ing (represent of five gods: Bhatara Iswara, Brahma, Mahadewa, Wisnu and Siwa). We have to harmonized the tones from�Kaja-Kelod (North and South), Kangin-Kauh (East and West) and bring them to coalesce in the middle of cakra or swastika, to create a beautiful union. �So Tumpek Krulut is not dedicated just for gamelan only but also for all musical instruments which create sounds, even some modern musical instruments such as guitar as well.



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