Tumpek Landep: Time for Sharpening the Mind

Bali celebrates the holy day of Saniscara Kliwon Wuku Landep (second Saturday of 30 based on Balinese calendar system) which occurs every 210 days, called Tumpek Landep. On this day, Hindu people make offerings and pray to God for their tools made of metals such as iron, bronze, gold etc. People ask for their safety from Ida Sang Hyang Pasupati, the manifestation of God as creator and owner of all tools made of metal.

Tumpek Landep is also for the sharpening of our thought processes, it will lead us to the purity of our soul.  By doing this, we will have good attitudes and control our desires so that we don’t commit inappropriate behaviour.  Landep means sharp, by the sharp mind, it’s expected that we can fight against stupidity, darkness and misery as well.

Tumpek Landep is also a day for the cleaning and purifying of  heirlooms. And for artists, it is a worship day to ask for the taksu (the aura of inner power that we feel in works of art), in order for their art to grow and progress, appreciated by people and be able to deliver moral messages through their works.



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