Usaba Sambah Ceremony

Usaba Sambah is one of the temple festival ceremony in Tenganan Dauh Tukad village. The ceremony starts from June 23rd 2017 and will be finish at July 24th. If you are in Bali, you may won’t miss this events. However visiting Tenganan village is worthwhile even though there is no ceremony as the village is very unique. Here is the schedule of the ceremony.

June 23rd. 2017 / 06.00 pm : MEPEMALI Ceremony

July 02nd. 2017 / 08.00 am : NYUJUKANG PEMINDANG (two wooden swing propellers is placed in front of Bale Banjar.)

July 02nd. 2017 / 08.00 am : NGELANLAN (decorating the wooden seats for ritual swing)

July 02nd. 2017 / 08.00 am : NGIDEHAN BASE (worship at Pura Petilehan and Rambut Petung temple)

July 03Rd. 2017 / 07.00 pm : MEMIUT (worship at Pura Puseh)

July 05th. 2017 / 08.00 am : NYUJUKANG AYUNAN (set up ayunan traditional wooden swings at the ground yard)

July 07th. 2017 / 08.00 am : NYUJUKAN PENJOR (erect penjor , a religious decorated bamboo pole in front of each houses around the village)

July 07th. 2017 / 06.00 pm : NULAK DAMAR (blessing ceremony for ayunan (traditional wooden swings)

July 08th. 2017 / 05.00 am : PENAMPAHAN KEBO (slaughtering a buffalo and pigs for offerings)

July 09th. 2017 / 02.00 pm : METEKROK (ritual initiation for young teenager to be youth member of the village: Daha for girl and Teruna for the boy)

July 10th. 2017 / 08.30 am : DAYA NYAMBAH (worship at the village temples starts from 8.30 am. In the afternoon at 4 pm all new teruna / village youth member do a swing ritual. In the evening at 7 pm the ritual for daha, girls club member of the village. The elder will be carry them on their back and running around the Bale Agung)

July 11th. 2017 / 01.00 pm : KARE KAREAN (ritual of pandanus fight) see the article about this:

July 12th. 2017 / 04.00 pm : NGELUS BABAH (taking off all decorations made of coconut leaves and it will be burnt along on ngebah penjor day)

July 12th. 2017 / 04.00 pm : BATARA MANTUK (ritual procession from Bale Agung temple to Penyimpenan temple)

July 13th. 2017 / 06.00 am : NGEBAH PENJOR & 1st TABUH RAH (all decorated bamboo pole will take out and burn. All youth villagers will gather for tabuh rah cock fighting)

July 18th. 2017 / 01.00 pm : 2nd. TABUH RAH & NUDUK CENENGAN (All youth villagers will gather for tabuh rah cock fighting, the head of teruna will collect money for the feast preparation. In the afternoon at 4 pm there will be ritual procession from Penyimpenan temple to Bale Agung temple)

July 18th. 2017 / 06.00 am : DAHA NGEJOT (new daha member bring some traditional sncak and dishes to teruna member)

July 19th. 2017 / 10.00 am : NGEPIK (teruna gives a small flower arrangement to the daha. Later on at 12 the daha give traditional cakes to teruna at Bale Agung / public hall)

July 20th. 2017 / 08.00 am :PEREJANGAN (all daha member with beautiful dress will perfrorm rejang dance)

July 20th. 2017 / 05.00 pm :PENYUUD USABA SAMBAH (the end of ceremony activities. After worship and blessing by the temple priest, all teruna member running around Bale Agung temple, holding keris, traditional dagger)

July 21th. 2017 / 04.00 pm :NYIMPEN (last procession from Bale Agung temple to Penyimpenan temple)

July 24th. 2017 / 03.00 pm :NGEBAH AYUNAN (all teruna member and Klian Lingsir, twelve eldest married man, dissamble wooden swing and stored it at the Bale Banjar assembly house)

this information is given by: Nyoman Giriarta

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