Viral in Social Media Leads to Deportation


A guy named Sergey Kosenko drew public attention when uploading a video of him at the port, riding a motorbike, and jumping to the sea. Then the video went viral and got lots of responses from locals—mostly negatives, including Ni Luh Djelantik, a well-known Balinese woman with big followers who often commenting on the foreigners’ behavior who break the rules in Bali. Many people in Bali bother�Sergey Kosenko’s actions, especially in today’s situation where most of the locals are struggling with their life but he just throws away his bike to the sea. Sergey was surprised to find out about the local’s reactions and tries to make things right.

Through Ni Luh Djelantik, Sergey Kosenkoto apologizes to the people of Bali and Indonesia for his mistake in deliberately throwing his motorbike into the sea and promised not to do it again. Through her Instagram account @niluhdjelantik, Ni Luh Djelantik said that Sergey Kosenko has apologized. Ni Luh Djelantik also asked Sergey to upload his apology video on his Instagram account @sergey_kosenko. She once again emphasized that the Balinese people never intended to discriminate against foreigners. They just want to enforce the rules, as in� Indonesia wise word says�dimana bumi dipijak disana langit dijunjung�(where the earth is stepped on, the sky is upheld). The meaning of this Indonesian wise word is we should obey local law.� Ni Luh Djelantik said that Sergey Kosenko has to follow the regulation. “We also remind that he must obey government regulations such as residence permits, business/work permits, and tax obligations for company/personal revenue in accordance with applicable regulations,” said Ni Luh. Later on, the authorities found out that he had committed visa violations and inappropriate acts so that he would be deported in the next few days.

image: IG @niluhdjelantik
video screen shot of IG�@sergey_kosenko



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