Bali Respect

Bali Respect

We long to preserve what we most love about Bali by encouraging heightened cultural awareness and sensitivity. As visitors here, it is our responsibility to be respectful as we explore the beauty and depth of this ancient island and culture. Lets contribute to our stay in Bali by abiding by the simple etiquette of the Balinese culture. Our gracious, respectful manner will only enrich our experience here and show the Balinese we care.

You can show respect towards your hosts by dress appropriately: .

  • Temples, Sacred Sites, Ceremonies & Dance Performances: Always wear a sash (scarf) around your waist and most appropriately, a sarong. If you do not have a sarong, wear something that falls below the knees. Cover your shoulders, chest, and midriff. Just as it would be disrespectful to enter a Church, Mosque, or Synagogue without proper attire, this general rule also applies to Balinese Temples & Sacred Sites.
  • In Villages: Although you might see a local without a shirt on, that is because they are home. When Balinese visit other villages, they dress respectfully. When strolling through the villages of Bali, please cover your shoulders, chest, midriff and thighs. Shorts are ok at an appropriate length.
  • Refrain from wearing tight, revealing clothing such as dance or beach wear, unless you are dancing, at the beach.

It is a simple gesture of respect to honor the culture that we are in. Your awareness and efforts to observe the appropriate protocol is greatly appreciated. It is the least we can do for the keepers of this sacred land.



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